MAI – Art Revolution Taipei

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  • From: 18 mai 2018
  • To: 21 mai 2018
  • Starting at: 10:00
  • Finishing at: 20:00


  • Art Revolution Taipei
  • Taipei
  • Republic Of China
  • Taiwan
Art Revolution Taipei

Taiwan, Republic Of China

Asia’s Top Annual Art Contest

International Artist Grand Prize Competition Is Now Open

Artists Compete for Solo Exhibition Booths at A.R.T., Asia’s Most Prestigious Art Fair.

The highly anticipated International Grand Prize Art Competition (IGPAC), art juried event is now open for submissions (http://www.arts.org.tw/2018/chi/register.html). Elite artists 18 years or older are eligible for the competition. Winners will not only have their artwork exhibited at Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) 2018, but finalists of the Grand Prize and Gallery Recognition awards will also be granted a solo exhibition booth at A.R.T. 2019.

Organized by Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association (TICAA) and co-sponsored by A.R.T., the purpose of the International Artist Grand Prize Competition is to encourage artists to fully exert their talents and creativity and offer an opportunity to showcase their works on the international platform. Since its establishment, the competition has risen to a notable scale amongst the Asian art fairs, gaining great reputation for attracting some of the most excellent artists from around the world. With the level of competition becoming more intense, the number of entries in 2017 set a new record with 4,207 pieces of artworks from 77 countries submitted. 231 pieces were selected, including some already world-renowned artists.


The International Artist Grand Prize Competition invites talented artists from around the world to compete in the prestigious event. For more information about the 2017 competition and Art Revolution Taipei, please visit the official website at www.arts.org.tw. Entry forms can be downloaded at http://www.arts.org.tw/201HYPERLINK « http://www.arts.org.tw/2017/chi/register.html »7HYPERLINK « http://www.arts.org.tw/2017/chi/register.html »/chi/register.html.

Art Revolution Taipei 2018

VIP Preview: May 17, 2018 19:00~22:00 (VIP only)

Exhibition time: May 18~21, 2018 11:00~19:00