Asia NOW


Asia NOW celebrates its 8th edition from October 20-23, 2022, preview on October 20, at Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), 11 quai de Conti. This historic site in the heart of Paris will host exhibitions, installations, open-air projects, talks and performances. The Paris Mint, housed in an 18th-century palace with open-air courtyards, is spread over 1.2 hectares on the Left Bank of the Seine, a short walk across the river from the Louvre and the Bourse de Commerce – Pinault collection.

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The artistic direction of this first edition at La Monnaie de Paris, Feux de Joie* (Flames of Joy), is entrusted to Kathy Alliou, director of the Artwork Department at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Asia NOW deploys special projects, exhibitions, installations, performances and conferences, notably on the diversity of ceramic practices.

This year’s theme, Feux de joie (Flames of Joy), associates the arts of fire, emblematic of coinage and metalwork with the art of ceramics, also made from the earth and fire. At the core of this edition lies the creation of a sense of community through a collective artistic experience.

* after the title of the performance by Natsuko Uchino, Feu de Joie

Natsuko Uchino, Exhibition view, Feu de Joie, 2016 ©Gallery Allen

ASIA NOW continues its exploration of the diverse art scenes from West Asia to Southeast Asia through 26 countries, from Central Asia to the Subcontinent to the Asia Pacific region. This perimeter refers to the Asia Society‘s definition. 75 international galleries are expected to take over the entire site to present 250 of the best emerging and established artists from these territories and their diaspora.

Lu Yang, Hungry Ghost Mandela, 2022. Courtesy Lu Yang & Gether Contemporary.