Dicrola – Exposition FOR HUMANITY

… for Humanity …
Curator Lucrezia De Domizio Durini
Coordinator Roberto Giacone
Maison de l’Italie – Paris
October 13., 2011 at 18h00

In an historical time of intellectual, cultural and spiritual crisis, Art and the Artist’s research have to be at the Service of the Society. A message for a better Man’s destiny. For the good of humanity.

Only Art has the ability to change the world. (Joseph Beuys).

Gerardo Dicrola (Giffoni 1941), is one of the most interesting artists of the international conceptual Art. Of Italian origin, he has been living and working in France since more than 40 years. Dicrola has dedicated his entire life to social and humanitary problems, between archetypes and new languages.

Gerardo Dicrola’s research deals with the transformations of matter and the freedom of human thinking.

Galleries and international Museums have well received his cultural interventions and showed his pertinent work. Collectors and media, in different ways, have widely shared it with a great interest.

In 1987 he has been made a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture, François Leotard.

On next October 13., GERARDO DICROLA will be invited by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, curator of international exhibitions and great expert of the thought of Joseph Beuys, at the prestigious Maison de l’Italie in the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris. He will show a solo Exhibition-Event whose title is … for Humanity … Once more, the artist, who has been working for more than 25 years with the curator, brings out his relevant research between complexity and articulation of his creation. The Exhibition is promoted and coordinated by Roberto Giacone, President of the Maison de l’Italie, organised and prepared by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini.

The event will include 4 parts. – Exhibition of the unpublished work of the artist … for Humanity … – Presentation and Lecture – Performance by Nathalie Brauld and Gerardo Dicrola A Rose for Humanity – Video of the artist, Corpus, presented at the 52° Venice Biennale (2007) as part of the 100 Days of the Continuous Lecture of Joseph Beuys organized by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini. – Concert in Performance Unpublished Composition created on that occasion by Maestro Marco Rapattoni The Living Sculpture. – Voice-over : soprano Ellen Giacone The Human voice – Poem of Aldo Roda Rompere la forma del tempo. ………………………….

On that occasion a special issue of the magazine RISK Arte Oggi (Mi 1990) will be published, in which DICROLA’s life, thought and work … for Humanity … are treated, with the participation of intellectual key figures for a comparative analysis of problems in the sociological, economic and cultural fields of our Present Time : Marco Bagnoli, artist, Felix Baumann, art historian and also director of the Zürich Kunsthaus, Tobia Bezzola, philosopher and curator at the Zürich Kunsthaus , Decio Carugati, historian and critic of design, Gianluigi Colin, artist and art manager, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, architect and composer, Massimo Donà, philosopher and musician, Pippo Gianoni, forest engineer ETH, Gérard-Georges Lemaire, critic and art historian, Marco Maiocchi, University professor, Gian Ruggero Manzoni, writer, Saverio Monno, sociologist, Panos Papadolias, curator, Marco Rapattoni, composer and musician, Aldo Roda, poet and artist, Vitantonio Russo, economist and artist, Pierparide Tedeschi, writer, professor and editorialist, Giancarlo Trentini, psychologist and President Emeritus of the Maison de L’Italie, Duilio Zogno, ecologist and businessman.

At the end of the evening a cocktail will be served to the organizers and the public of the Exhibition – Event

Exhibition-Event – Curator Lucrezia De Domizio Durini
Coordinator Roberto Giacone
MAISON de l’ITALIE October 13th 2011 18h00
Performance Nathalie Brauld and Gerardo Dicrola
A Rose for Humanity
Video Corpus by the artist
Concert for piano
Unpublished Original Composition by Maestro Marco Rapattoni
The Living Sculpture
Voice-over Soprano Ellen Giacone
Poetry Rompere la forma del tempo Aldo Roda

On that occasion a special issue of the magazine RISK Arte Oggi will be published with the participation of: Marco Bagnoli, Felix Baumann, Tobia Bezzola, Decio Carugati, Gianluigi Colin, Massimo Donà, Pippo Gianoni, Gérard G. Lemaire, Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Marco Maiocchi, Saverio Monno, Panos Papadolias, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, Marco Rapattoni, Aldo Roda, Vitantonio Russo, Pierparide Tedeschi, Giancarlo Trentini, Duilio Zogno.

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