The main objective of ART Interview is to give to see and understand the springs of the creation to the public by favoring the direct access to the art, beyond the clichés and the scholarly readings.

In November 1969, Andy Warhol created, with Gérard Malanga, Interview MAG, believing that the actuality of art was to feed on the living word of artists, celebrities, animators of the intellectual and underground life of his time.

This vocation to make clear the essential stakes that mark the art of our time is now revived by ART Interview who, giving the floor to the artists of our time, intends to express art in its essence, to make sure that its approach is no longer dependent on the prejudices of the moment or the barometer of the market.

ART Interview will focus on all forms of creation: sculpture, photography, engraving, poetry, dance, painting, cinema, music, video games, prose, calligraphy, architecture, design, theater, fashion.

Who are we ?

Promoting ideas, provoking aesthetic and intellectual curiosity, encouraging all forms of art and their innovative expressions ... This is the purpose of "PROMO-ART Éditions", a company run by two passionate men, Antonio Furone and Jérôme Lestang.

The concept of Art Interview, first formulated by its founder Antonio Furone, a lover of Contemporary Art, today feeds on their initiatives, their synergy and their common reflection.

Their wish is to share with readers, through this site, the ideas of Major Actors in the field of contemporary creation and their vision of the role of the aesthetic dimension in everyday life.

" To be an artist is not to count, it is to grow like the tree that does not press its sap, which resists, confident, to the great winds of spring, without fearing that summer may not come. Summer is coming. But it only comes for those who know how to wait, as quiet and open as if they had eternity before them. Patience is everything, I teach you every day at the price of suffering that I bless.”

Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a young poet.


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